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Bin Blending

After 30 Years of Shaking Things Up

Our closed bin systems still turn conventional blending processes on their head.

Hydraulic clamps secure bins to prevent repositioning or dropping.

Bins can be attached manually to pedestal unit using tri-clamp connections.

Wall Mount Bin Blenders

Separates Drive Circuitry from the Production Environment

Great Research Labs Start with Great Tools

Smaller bin sizes and blender portability help accelerate your discoveries.

The Challenge

In most manufacturing facilities, batch powder blending and transfer typically requires some combination of V-shell, double-cone or ribbon blenders that need to be opened, loaded, emptied and cleaned in order to accomplish the most basic of blending processes.

Performing blending processes with traditional blenders is quite labor-intensive which not only consumes additional production time but can result in significant dust generation as blenders are charged and discharged to and from intermediate bulk containers. Because IBC bin blending mixes product inside a single, dust-free container, there is no risk of cross contamination or environmental exposure during the blending process.

Our Solution

SERVOLiFT Bin Blenders (and Drum Blenders) turn the traditional blending process on its head, simplifying production requirements, and helping to make complex blending operations a thing of the past.

In fact, bin blending has quickly become one of the most efficient and flexible ways for manufacturers to tumble diffuse powder products to the point of homogenization, in batches up to 3000 liters.

SERVOLiFT offers a wide array of desktop, portable and production-sized bin blending systems in stationary, mobile and lifter configurations.

Why Switch to IBC Bin Blending?

  1. Reduced Facility Costs - If multiple shell blenders can be replaced, your entire blending operation can be done in one small room. This can result in both lower construction costs and reduced HVAC requirements.
  2. Superior Throughput - Unlike fixed shell blenders, a bin blending system can run all day, only stopping briefly to exchange bins. That limited downtime helps you achieve dramatically higher productiion levels.
  3. Reduced Labor Costs - Fixed shell blenders take a long time to fill and empty. In fact, the time savings can be as high as 66% for a properly specified and installed bin system.
  4. Increased Product Quality - Fixed shell blenders require the products to be transferred after blending into a drum or bin. Every time the product is transferred some segregation can take place. In a bin blending operation the product is transferred to the next operation in the closed bin, reducing any chance of foreign substances entering the product.
Cage Blender

IBC Cage Blenders

Cage blenders are aligned at an angle of 30° to the blending axis, which has proven to provide the best blending results in the shortest amount of time. The IBC is placed on the lower frame and locked using hydraulics through the control unit. This provides appropriate ground clearance for the blending operation.

The container is continuously monitored for secured mounting and accurate positioning throughout the blending cycle. The blending rotation can quickly come to a controlled stop in case of any irregularities and all blenders feature pouring angle compensation to ensure the container is balanced during removal from the clamping system.

C-Frame Lift Blender

C-Frame Blenders with Lift

C-Frame Bin blenders with lifting functionality are ideally suited for integration in the production flow or process automation. The container can be filled from an upper floor by docking on a filler opening. The integrated lifting function enables filling or emptying of drums even with limited clearance on top. After the blending process the container can be lifted for discharging into another container or pivoted for placement onto an upper floor.

Customized pouring devices such as funnels or discharge pipes support this procedure. Suction and/or use of vibration aids can be included based on customer needs.

Drum Blender with Lift and Manual Clamps

Drum Blenders

SERVOLIFT drum blenders are designed with simple to use features, built in a space saving, compact housing. The blender can be fitted for drums of various sizes. The drum blender can be loaded with pallet lifters. The drums are then placed in the clamping system, secured and tilted manually. Hydraulic fixing and tilting are also available.

For continued processing, the drum blender can include a lift or pivot system. Following the blending operation, containers can then be lifted up and poured into another container placed below, or integrated into another automated process.

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Serving the U.S., Canada & Puerto Rico United States Canada Puerto Rico