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Discover the cure to ailing pharmaceutical handling systems.

We are proud to be the world’s largest producer of pharmaceutical handling systems. No other company has the experience, or has built as many custom manufacturing installations of material handling and processing equipment for the pharmaceutical industry.

We specialize in powder containment systems for all pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and bio-pharmaceutical products. We provide methods and devices that cover all levels of containment, from basic airtight transfer for excipients, to very high containment for potent & dangerous compounds.

SERVOLiFT also offers in-depth consulting, design and support services around both the Solid Dosage and Bio-Pharmaceutical manufacturing industries to make your processes work better and your equipment function properly and ergonomically.

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Clients include:
AstraZenenca Johnson & Johnson Merck


Our scientific method to production is your formula for success.

SERVOLiFT offers proven solutions for a wide array of chemical production processes, from contained transfer of hard-flowing powders into reactors to post-centrifuge wet powder handling. Whether your focus is on high purity products or bulk chemical production, we can help to improve both production quality and yield.

Developing strategies for containment of dangerous or unwieldy compounds during production can be challenging. Determining and designing the right mix of in-process containers for storage and handling, as well as the selection of the optimal automatic, semi-automatic and manual blending and transfer systems has become a modern science.

Whether you need help with handling small quantity additives or full scale production systems, our knowledgeable engineers can help you design the right formula of blending, handling and transfer systems for your chemical manufacturing environment.

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Clients include:
BASF Energizer Sunoco Chemicals


Get the winning recipe for sanitary processing and handling.

Powder technology is an increasingly important issue to food ingredient manufacturers and food producers because of its ability to prolong shelf-life and maintain stability of ingredients until use. Because all components will ultimately be consumed by people or animals, protecting these components from exposure and contamination is paramount.

Hygienic processing methods and sanitary handling and transport are, therefore, crucial to success in today's food industry. SERVOLiFT's expertise in high containment, hygienic mixing, coupled with 30 years of experience in sanitary storage and handling systems, help you to ensure the quality and safety of your ingredients from plant production right through to consumer packaging.

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Clients include:
Campbell's Soup PEZ Pillsbury


The savings in hygienic processing times will make you blush.

Raise the bar on your competition with improved productivity, ergonomics, dust control and hygiene. Servolift can tackle any powder handling challenge, from dispensing powders for batch production to controlling dust during milling, while also upgrading your material handling GMPs.

Does your company produce eye shadows? Do you want to learn how save up to 85% of your standard processing time? Let SERVOLiFT show you how to cut 5 hours from your current blending operation while gaining better color uniformity and eliminating cross contamination and the hassles of needless product changeovers.

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Clients include:
Estee Lauder Proctor & Gamble

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Serving the U.S., Canada & Puerto Rico United States Canada Puerto Rico