Compact Granulation Systems

Big Things Can Happen in Small Spaces

Our closed bin systems still turn conventional blending processes on their head.

Dramatically reduce transfer distances between granulation processes.

Improve GMPs with highly integrated 21 CFR Part 11 control systems.

Benefit from components carefully engineered to your exact specifications.

The Challenge

In today's economy, additional manufacturing space for new equipment comes at a premium. Accommodating cGMP requirements for mixing, wet granulation and fluid bed drying creates additional challenges.

Typically, when a wet granulator and fluid bed dryer is installed in a production environment, a system will require several levels to operate. In addition, conventional granulation can be further complicated by blocked transfer lines, difficulty operating a system on multiple levels, and time-consuming cleaning procedures.

Our Solution

To help address these issues, we leverage Diosna's world-class Closed Combined (CCS) and Compact Granulation (CGS) systems. We carefully design and engineer each installation from the ground up to optimize yield, simplify operator ergonomics, reduce transfer distances, and minimize the plant's footprint.

Top that off with easy sampling, inspection and cleaning, and a single, integrated control system for process validation, and you will see why we are the leader in state-of-the-art, granulation production systems for the pharmaceutical industry.

Processes Offered:

  • Dry Mixing, Wet Granulating, Hot Melt Granulating and Vacuum Drying (with gas stripping a.k.a. "One Pot Processing")
  • Wet calibrating of product (milling) using Quadro Comil or similar Conical Screen Mill
  • Fluid Bed Drying, Top Spray Granulating, Bottom or Tangential Spray Granulating and Wurster Coating
  • Dry Milling (Employing mill required by your process, default recommendation is Quadro Comil)
  • Bin Blending, Drum Blending, V-Blending with optional integrated weighing system in blender (no floor scale required)
  • High Containment to ~400 nano-gram (ETWA) from initial loading of granulator to final transfer to Bin, Drum or V-Shell
Two-Level Compact Granulation System

Small Footprint

CGS has an extremely small footprint. The ease of use and the excellent accessibility of all plant components provide substantial advantages for operation, cleaning and maintenance. CGS offers integrated explosion protection for solvent based applications.

Explosion Protection Option is Available

Explosion Protection

12 bar pressure shock resistant mixer-granulator with innovative automated lid actuation. The CGS can incorporate an integrated explosion protection concept. The individual processing units of mixer, wet mill and dryer will then be designed to be 12 bar pressure shock resistant.

All CGS Systems are High Containment-Ready

Containment Ready

All lines come ready for high potency processing. The CGS can be upgraded with all necessary options to meet even the highest containment requirements for the production of highly-potent substances.

Quick Transfer from Granulator to Fluid Bed

Quick Transfers

The short connection between mixer and dryer increases the yield and the process safety. The unique single frame design of the CGS allows for the smallest transfer distance between the High Shear Granulator and the Fluid Bed. Reduction on this distance insures that even the hardest to transfer materials flow with ease.

Easy Ergonomic Access to Key Components

Easy Access

Compact granulation systems provides optimal access to all plant components. The mixer granulator and the fluid bed dryer are installed on a common frame. Components such as wet mill and vacuum conveying system with dry mill are integrated into the plant allowing ergonomic access for inspection, maintenance and cleaning.

Clean-in-Place / Wash-in-Place Design

Clean In Place

CIP/WIP with easy disassembly, inspection of all parts of the granulator and fluid bed. All connection lines of the CGS from feeding the mixer to discharging the dryer are integrated into the automatic cleaning system. Due to well planned accessibility of all areas the supply lines can be connected in minimal time.

Integrated Bin Blending

Built-in Bin Blending

To aid filling of IBCs (bins) and blending we offer a fully integrated IBC Blender / Lifter into the machine. The unit is controlled from the systems HMI, thus all batch reporting is included. Additionally the blender system arm can be equipped with a standard weighing system (built into the arm) and is ready for high containment docking if your application demands.

Flexible Design Accommodates Plant Size and Layout

Flexible Designs

Both closed combined and compact systems provide for maximum flexibility in fluid bed processing: dryng, spray granulating (top, bottom or tangential) and Wurster coating.